Website Planning Process

Building larger more sophisticated websites requires a different approach than smaller websites. We can help you plan your site right from the start and avoid future costly mistakes. The proper planning leads to:
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Less confusion
  • Smoother workflows
  • Successful projects
  • Satisfied clients

What is included in the Website Planning process?

Step 01 – Investigation

  • Client & Stakeholder Interviews. Nobody knows the business better than its owner. We thoroughly interview all of the key players involved in the healthy functioning of your business.
  • Goal Analysis. Zen Design Firm would like to take some time to understand the long-term goals of your business. Then, we would like to understand how your online business will be a part of reaching those goals.
  • Competitive Analysis. Once we have a thorough understanding of your business, we’ll research the top competitors in your industry to see what they are doing to promote their businesses.

Step 02 – Planning & Preparation

  • Sitemap. What are the essential features for the success of your website?
  • Functionality Breakdown. We will take the time to boil down each and every technical detail essential to the successful functioning of your website. Does your website require e-commerce software, enhanced e-commerce functionality, social media management, a customer relationship system, online booking or registration? We got you covered!
  • Information Administration. How will your information be organized? Which content management system will you use? How will you structure and manage your databases?

Step 03 – Visualization

  • Wireframe Development. After gathering and analyzing information about your business and its processes, we will develop a basic structure of your website’s design before actually beginning the design process.

Step 04 – Design

  • Creating the User Interface. The design phase includes the overall look of the website. It requires expert skill, technique and creativity to find the perfect balance of function and beauty. The Zen team creates and combines all of the site elements in Photoshop to create a visual mockup.

Step 05 – Development

  • Putting it all Together. Once we have the full go ahead from our clients, it is now time to develop the design mockup into a functioning website. We typically develop our websites on content management systems, which makes it easier for those clients who choose to maintain their sites themselves. Websites developed by our team are guaranteed to be error free and compatible on all updated browser versions.

Step 06 – Ongoing Management & Optimization

  • Helping You Achieve Greatness. We help you to monitor the effectiveness of your site and provide ongoing consulting for solutions that may continue to grow into the future. Our goal is to help you to continue to grow your profitability long into the future.

Are you ready to discuss the website planning process with one of our website planning professionals? If so, contact us today!